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Have You Ever Ran Out Of Clothes To Wear?

March 17th, 2012

I am continually working on my new painting and here is the progress in"Laundry Day 5" one of my most popular series. I have maybe 2 days left in it. Would love to get input on a humorous laundromat title to put on the pink sign if anyone has any input. If you want to check out more of my unique humorous work visit my website I have prints available also.

here is another sample of one of my piece's and a link to my whole site

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Welcome To The Nut House

February 23rd, 2012

It feels like a party at my house 24/7 with all the people and character's staring at me from my walls. I never feel like I am totally alone let's put it that way,it like being surrounded by friends all the time.

The Oddities Of Life And New Sideshow In The Works

January 29th, 2012

For years and years I have always been intrigued with odd things and odd people, I should just say the oddities of life. I always loved going to the circus and state fair sideshows, and in my "Star" chart it says I am a collector of Misfit's. Well it seems to be coming all together now that I start a new series called "The Sideshow" it will have a subtitle for each individual one and all my sideshows will be made up. I start the first today which is already sketched out called' The Taming Of The Giant Bunnies" I will post the progress here. I have many others in mind to follow.

If anyone has any input on some interesting ideas for the series let me know. The painting above is a sort of attempt from a few years ago with a similar thought, it's called "The Contortionist" Stay tuned for upcoming additions to my new series .

My Brain Off The Internet And The result of Road Hogs

January 27th, 2012

My Brain Off The Internet And The result of Road Hogs

January was a very productive month. It's only the 27th of January and I already have completed 10 paintings mostly miniatures but a few large ones also. Earlier this week our internet went out for a WHOLE day lol, and this is what I came up with to keep my mind busy "Stick Figure 1"

It almost looks like I was trying to get a satelite signal or something with this piece.

A few days before I was in the car with my daughter and witnessed so many Road Hogs and people cutting other driver's off and came up with this painting called "Road Hog" which I eventually painted the next day.

A few weeks ago I was on a potato head binge! I did 5 in all! It was almost like an addiction and had to stop myself after the 5th dose. Here was the outcome:There are 2 misfit potato heads,sweet potato,cowboy potato head and Tater Tots.

Thanks for taking a look into my world! There were a few more which are on my website at

Is Art A Luxury Or A Necessity and other Random Thoughts

January 7th, 2012

Is Art A Luxury Or A Necessity and other Random Thoughts

Happy New Year artist's and art lovers! This is my first blog of the New Year.

I wanted to discus art as a luxury or a necessity and other art thoughts. I think this important since most think it's a luxury item. I will be adding in new works of mine from the past couple of months also . This is all just my personal view and I welcome feedback on this subject from others whether you are an artist or not.

"Fast Food Nightmare"

Many think art is a luxury item. I guess it can be looked at that way in this economy if compared to needing food and shelter. But I really think art is a necessity , not only because it's a need for me to paint it being an artist but it defines our times and records what life is like in different years for all of us. It also can give beauty to ones life and add laughter (which is what I like to do).

"Sushi Bar"

Another necessity I feel for art, is the design aspect. It takes an artist mind to design contemporary furniture, planes,houses,eyeglasses and everything else that exists in our lives. What is a good movie without art? I think many individuals have a starving imagination and art is also a good way to reach out for something that fulfills it.

"Mr. Cooper's Spinach Farm" and yes it's Anderson Cooper

"The Fruit Collector 2"

Here is a thought to the artist's out there that are feeling discouraged because of the economy, Keep creating! Don't stop! It's literally survival of the fittest in this market. The one's who keep up doing their art will be way ahead of you if you stop. If you have a job that you feel is keeping you from doing your art. Set aside a few precious hours to keep creating. If it is a calling, it is then a necessity for balance in one's life.

"Camel Toe Juice"

So thanks for reading my blog of random thought's on art. Visit my website if you would like to see more of my work at

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"Protecting Baby 8-The Safety Gate"

My Zazzle products

December 14th, 2011

My Zazzle products

Here is a ticker and a link to my zazzle store! My cool art put on functional products and gifts! Have fun looking, and make sure you see my newly created Keds shoe line with my work.

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My New Work and Gallery

July 20th, 2011

My New Work and Gallery

Hello all I copied this from my regular blog, don't know if all the images will come up but here it is (it's painting maniac on google blogs)
New Work and My New Gallery
I am now currently show at Patricia Carlisle Fine Art 554 Canyon Rd. Santa Fe,NM. 87508 their number is 1-888-820-0596 Contact them if you are interested in owning an original. It is a great investment! Some of my clients piece's they acquired a couple of years ago have already doubled in what they can resell it for. Anyone who follows and looks at my blog can you Please share this with others? I am still getting savvy with the internet. Thanks! LS

Here are some of my most recent works from the past couple months;

This is "Edgar Allan Poe" part of the Thinking Cap series, he has been a very popular painting on the internet with comments, views, inquiries and prints selling of him on my website. 24x30 oil

"Rat Race" 24x30 oil
This one is the first in a series called "Rat Race" I am currently working on another taking place on a golf course.

his one above is "That Damn GPS!" Finished this one last week. I used a 1959 Cadillac, This one really cracks me up, I plan on making this into a series and a 2nd one will come up down the line. 24x30 oil

"Super Rat" 12x16 oil. he was a cool character I came up with a few days ago that I want to do other paintings with. He has such a retro quality to him.

The one above is "Protecting Baby 6" A lengthy series I have been doing over 6 years. The Pears always represent people where the Mama pear is protecting baby pear from danger. All my others are in private collections from around the world, this is the only one available. 18x24 oil

Above; "The Winner of the Ugly Dog Contest 2011" 12x16 oil
when I saw this little guy in the news I just couldn't resist doing a painting of him so he is out there for ever now with love. Poor,cute in his own way little guy!

"The Ugly Duckling" 12x16 Oil
This just came to mind one evening, but instead of ugly I think he came out being a little too cute and maybe a bit tipsy lol. I still like it though. Everyone have a great weekend! Sorry I had been behind in adding new work, have had many shows to deal with and I'm a mom. Leah Saulnier The Painting Maniac