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Is Art A Luxury Or A Necessity and other Random Thoughts

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Is Art A Luxury Or A Necessity and other Random Thoughts

Happy New Year artist's and art lovers! This is my first blog of the New Year.

I wanted to discus art as a luxury or a necessity and other art thoughts. I think this important since most think it's a luxury item. I will be adding in new works of mine from the past couple of months also . This is all just my personal view and I welcome feedback on this subject from others whether you are an artist or not.

"Fast Food Nightmare"

Many think art is a luxury item. I guess it can be looked at that way in this economy if compared to needing food and shelter. But I really think art is a necessity , not only because it's a need for me to paint it being an artist but it defines our times and records what life is like in different years for all of us. It also can give beauty to ones life and add laughter (which is what I like to do).

"Sushi Bar"

Another necessity I feel for art, is the design aspect. It takes an artist mind to design contemporary furniture, planes,houses,eyeglasses and everything else that exists in our lives. What is a good movie without art? I think many individuals have a starving imagination and art is also a good way to reach out for something that fulfills it.

"Mr. Cooper's Spinach Farm" and yes it's Anderson Cooper

"The Fruit Collector 2"

Here is a thought to the artist's out there that are feeling discouraged because of the economy, Keep creating! Don't stop! It's literally survival of the fittest in this market. The one's who keep up doing their art will be way ahead of you if you stop. If you have a job that you feel is keeping you from doing your art. Set aside a few precious hours to keep creating. If it is a calling, it is then a necessity for balance in one's life.

"Camel Toe Juice"

So thanks for reading my blog of random thought's on art. Visit my website if you would like to see more of my work at

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"Protecting Baby 8-The Safety Gate"